miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2008


In a disturbing spectacle backed by the Spanish government and partially funded by local government and EU grants, more than 40,000 bulls are slaughtered every year before cheering crowds in Spain. The moment a bull is chosen for the arena, his agony and death are certain.

Some call this sport. But intentionally causing animals pain, suffering and ultimately death should be called only one thing: cruelty! Whether it's dogs, cats or bulls makes no difference. Cruelty is cruelty, regardless of its so-called purpose.

PETA's campaign to ban bullfighting and other cruel uses of animals for the sake of sport and entertainment needs your support today. Already, the Barcelona City Council has passed a ban on bullfighting, but the "sport" won't stop in Barcelona until the regional government bans bullfighting as well. So now we're pressing the regional government to follow suit, and we're working with MEPs at the EU parliamentary level too. We also are contacting travel agencies which promote bullfighting packages and event organisers who plan to use the ring for sports events or rock concerts. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we need your support today.

The last moments of a bull's life are filled with pain and terror. Before he even enters the ring, the bull is subjected to a range of atrocities to ensure that he will not survive his ordeal. The bull is violently and repeatedly beaten around the head with sandbags to disorientate and enrage him, and he's drugged with laxatives and anti-inflammatories to mask injuries. Several inches of the bull's horns are sawed off to impair his coordination and ability to judge distances, and his eyes are smeared with petroleum jelly to blur his vision.

Once in the ring, gangs of men take turns tormenting and piercing the bull's skin with barbed spears or hacking at his flesh with swords. Finally, a matador will sever his spinal cord by plunging a dagger into the back of his neck. The last sounds the bull hears are the cheers of the crowd.

Éste es el texto donde PETA donde cuenta la crueldad de las corridas de toros y como bien denominan la campaña los toros son asesinados para el entretenimiento de unos insensibles seres humanos. El artículo comenta las ayudas que se reciben del Gobierno Español y de la UE para la práctica de esta tortura. También analiza la situación de la ciudad de Barcelona respecto a la celebración de corridas de toros.

PETA explica que va a presionar tanto a la Generalitat, como al Gobierno central y a la UE. Asimismo están en contacto con las agencias de viajes que promueven paquetes que incluye las corridas de toros y con los organizadores de eventos que planean usar las plazas para celebrar eventos deportivos o conciertos.


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